Sometimes, I have these crazy wild ideas and I decide I need to run with it.

I live in the South, where nerdy, different, or offbeat weddings are frowned upon in certain areas. It was only recently that I found a group that was willing to admit that they play Dungeons and Dragons (yay for having a party and campaign to run again). So, last summer, after months of planning and wishing I could just take a trip to Norway to shoot some actual vikings after watching a certain animated blockbuster, I got together a group of people who also love history and put on the nerdy (fake) wedding that had been in my brain for months.

This was one of the first times I shot primarily film inside and out, though I did do digital to make sure that my vendors weren't waiting on images to come back from the scanners. Let me tell you, it definitely made my life was easier knowing that there was less to edit. Enjoy some of my favorite film scans from the first of two rolls of film I shot at this shoot!

Venue: Mielke Way Manor

Hair: PS Bridal Co

Makeup: Crystal Ngozi

Stationery: The Cross Eyed Fox

Viking couple: Toni Dominique and Jacob Lamont

Modern Viking Couple: Heather and Greg Stevens

Heather's Dress: Ever Pretty Dresses

Barefoot couple in grass
Couple facing each other
Viking couple
Table setting
Cake cutting
Couple cutting cake
Viking couple cake cutting
Dragon scale cake
Couple feeding each other cake
Viking couple on shore of lake