Hi, I'm Marie Crews.

I'm glad you're joining me at one of my many homes on the internet. When I'm not capturing my clients' memories, I'm home reading, playing video games, or dreaming of far off places (Scotland, Ireland, and New Zealand are super high on my list of places I need to go ASAP). While I wouldn't call myself "outdoorsy", that doesn't stop me from loving a good hike or going rafting!

My journey to the camera has been a long one, with many attempts to leave it behind. I started telling stories the traditional way, pen and paper. When words failed me, I resorted to finding other mediums. Truthfully, I can't draw or paint to save my life. The camera kept calling me back. After my first wedding, I was hooked. I knew it as my calling.

Since 2017, I've been committed to capturing the memories and love stories of my couples and families, to preserve them for ages to come.

Marie Crews Georgia Wedding photographer headshot