For Photographers

Editing and Mentoring

From culling and editing, to learning new skills, owning a photography business can be hard. It doesn't have to be, though. We offer editing, culling, lessons in how to improve your editing workflow, we're here to help hold your hand and take a load off. Let's give you one less thing to stress about.

Basic Editing

Basic edits are your typical Lightroom edits- Apply your preset, adjust exposure and white balance, add lens correction, crop and straighten.

$0.20 a photo edited

Advanced Editing

Advanced edits are all those edits that require photoshop. Skin smoothing, head or eye swaps, background extension or creation, removal of people or objects from the background, and composites all fall under advanced edits.

Bulk pricing available for 10+

$7.50 a photo


Culling can be a bear for a lot of photographers. Never worry about deciding between two photos because I'll do it for you. By creating a quick collection in your catalog, deliverables are easily accessible without losing any photos.
Bulk pricing available

$15 a session, $50 an event


I know that when you're getting started, you don't always know where to start. Finding someone to mentor you, to help you jumpstart and get systems in place can make a huge difference. I offer mentoring in editing, culling, using film as a medium, and more

Starting at $300 a session


How do you cull for other photographers?

I have three levels of culling when I'm culling work for others.
1. Just the technical stuff- getting rid of blurry, out of focus, blinks, etc. This is the lowest level of culling that leaves you with the decision of having multiples that are almost identical.
2. Technical and duplicates - This is the level of culling that most people go with. It's not just the ones that are technically not perfect but also gets rid of any duplicates to give you a smaller number of deliverables without having to choose between fifteen of the same pose.
3. The Axe- This is the level of culling I use for my own work. This will give you the least amount of photos you need to tell a story. Duplicates, close angles, technically not great, all removed from the quick collection to give you the least amount of photos to edit or have edited

What is your turn-around time

Editing services, my turn around time varies by the number of photos in the catalog and the number of services.

For culling, the average turn around time is 3 business days.
For basic edits, the turn around time for sessions is 3 business days and for weddings is one week.

Do you offer Mentoring only in Georgia?

While I'm based in the Atlanta area, I love to travel and also over tele-mentoring. We can easily hop on a Zoom call and talk about things, you can travel to me, I can travel to you, or we can meet in the middle. I'm always up for an adventure.