I don't photograph a lot of family sessions anymore. I tend to focus more on wedding photography. That said, I'm always glad when I get to capture an hour of a family's day.

Amanda and Alex were gifted a session last year after her brother won it at a breast cancer awareness raffle. Amanda having a baby shortly after, COVID and pandemic shutdowns, and general life as parents worked against us finding a time to schedule their session, but we were able to get something nailed down at the end of October 2020. So, Halloween morning, we met halfway between Villa Rica and Douglasville, GA, at a cute little park for their family portraits.

Little Grayson was so excited to get to explore and was as happy as I've ever seen a not-quite-one year old be on a brisk fall morning for a photo session, even a little stuffed up and teething. He seemed to quite enjoy both his piggy back on Dad's back and a quick trip down a slide. He discovered (or rediscovered, as I know how little ones are with trying the same thing over again in hopes that there will be different results) that grass is fun to pull and blankets are hard to stand up on when we pull them over our legs. Amanda and Alex were an absolute delight and I love how their love shone through in all the photos we captured of them. Their laughter was infectious and I left their session with a smile on my face!

While I'm not sure what 2021 will bring in terms of how life will look, I know I will be incredibly blessed and excited if I get to capture more portrait sessions like theirs. If you have been waiting for the perfect moment to have new photos of your family taken, I recommend you do so as soon as you can. These are precious moments that slip by so fast.

Couple looking into each other's eyes fall photo session in Douglasville, GA
Baby sitting on plaid blanket fall family portraits Douglasville, GA
Baby going down slide while Mom helps family portrait session Douglasville, GA
Baby riding piggyback on dad's back while mom walks along side family portrait session Douglasville, GA
Close up of baby family portrait session Douglasville, GA