When in quarantine and not photographing couples, one must get creative to continue to hone one's craft.

For me, that meant busting out some Legos and Pop Vinyls that I had laying around and putting them in the grass. I discovered that my Lucius Malfoy Lego figure looks like a girl from the back, so that resulted in some fun "mini adventure" proposal shots. Unfortunately, that was interrupted by Harry, and a fight ensued. Killer Croc also enjoyed some relaxing time in the sun, and I captured a Nightfury in his natural habitat.

Nightfury figure creative photo Douglasville, GA
Nighfury in clover Douglasville, GA
Lego Adventure Douglasville, GA
Lego creative photo Douglasville, GA
Lego figure Douglasville, GA
Lego Figure Death Eater Douglasville, GA
Lego Death Eater fight Douglasville, GA
Killer Croc Beauty shot Douglasville, GA
Killer Croc portrait Douglasville, GA