It's wedding week for Joel and Lyndsay, so it's definitely time to share their engagement session on the blog!

I've known Joel for years—back in the day when I was a dance teacher, Joel took lessons at the studio. I hadn’t met his fiancée before we left the studio, but I’d seen their posts on social media as they became engaged. When they reached out to have me photograph their wedding, I was incredibly excited. I love getting to capture the love stories of those I’ve known over the years, and there have been a couple at this point.

So, despite the chill in the air in early February, we set a date and went into Atlanta to capture their engagement photos at Cator Woolford gardens.

I knew Joel was very reserved, but nerdy, and was glad to get to know Lyndsay. It’s wonderful to see them together, and to have someone to talk Star Trek with. Their love shines through, and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding soon!

Lyndsay's hand on Joel's shoulder Cator Woolford Gardens Engagement session
Joel spins Lyndsay Cator Woolford Garden lawn
Joel and Lyndsay come down the staircase Cator Woolford Gardens
Joel and Lyndsay wrapped up in a green blanket
Joel and Lyndsay walk on the lawn Cator Woolford Gardens
Joel spins Lyndsay in front of the staircase
Joel and Lyndsay cuddle on a bench, holding hands
Joel and Lyndsay look into each other's eyes
Joel and Lyndsay go in for a kiss in front of the staircase
Lyndsay and Joel dance on the lawn Cator Woolford Gardens