Here at DoubleStar Photography, I am committed to diversity and inclusion.

Behind the scenes, I have been working towards having an inclusive brand and showcasing the diversity of my clients. However, in light of recent events, I am making the commitment to put this down for all to see and ensure that this statement remains in a prominent place on my website and social media.

  1. I am committed to including black vendors on my recommended vendors lists. I am working towards 20% of the list being black vendors and am making sure to include them not just because they are black but because they are good at what they do.
  2. As DoubleStar Photography grows, I am committed to hiring black employees and people of color. I am also committed to working with contractors who are inclusive.
  3. I am committed to including my clients of color and black clients on my website, social media, and all marketing materials. As I host and attend styled shoots, I will ensure that there is equal representation of black couples. I will only submit to publications who include people of color and black couples and have committed to being inclusive.
  4. I am committed to working with black vendors, getting to know them, and ensuring they do not feel like tokens in the event industry. They are not simply a demographic to be filled, but people who have valuable experience and insight.

This is not a comprehensive list of everything I am doing, but it is at least a start. I firmly believe that all lives cannot matter until black lives matter. I am committed in my personal life and in my business to supporting the cause of anti-racism, committed to educating myself, protesting when I can, writing letters and emails, making calls, and donating my time, talent, and money to ensure that racial equality is an actuality and does not just happen for a moment before we revert to our comfortable status quo.