Engagement season is upon us and that means that you’re trying to figure out what you really need for your wedding.


While I can advise you on multiple stages of the wedding planning process, as a wedding photographer, I am best positioned to advise you on how to decide on a wedding photography package.


Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or a wedding in your hometown, the first place to start is having a rough idea of a timeline for your wedding. The number of hours you’ll need a wedding photographer team for will depend on your timeline. Decide if it is a priority for you to have getting ready and detail photos (as that will dictate the start time) and if you want to have them document through the end of your reception (as that will give you the end time). A good rule of thumb for an afternoon or evening wedding is plan to have your photographer for about eight hours, and if you are planning a more intimate, micro, or morning wedding, you may only need four to six hours.


Once you know how long you need your photography team there, decide on if you need an extra photographer. I always insist on having a second photographer with me if I’m photographing for longer than six hours. Having another photographer gives you extra angles, helps ensure that if you’re getting ready at different locations both are covered, and helps back up your lead photographer. Use caution, though. When I say second photographer, I refer to someone hired by the main photographer you’re hiring, not a second company.


Other things to think about as you select your wedding photography package are things like:

  1. Is an engagement session included? What about bridal portraits or a boudoir session? Can they be added, if they’re not included?
  2. Do you have the option to add additional hours, if needed?
  3. Do you want a physical album designed by your photographer? Do you want professionally printed canvases or prints?
  4. Does your photographer have a videographer that they partner with to offer a package that includes videography?

If you’re planning a wedding and you need help finding your dream wedding photographer, planning a timeline, or just need someone to talk to about your planning process, feel free to send me an email, a DM on social media, or give me a call. I’m happy to help.