When it comes to making your special day yours, it all comes down to the little details. It's the little things that differentiate your wedding from the millions of others that happen every year.

From the subtle things, like homemade centerpieces for the couple that crafts together, to the groom's dragon ring, the little things are what make you unique as a couple. 

Never doubt how much your uniqueness makes your wedding stand out to your guests and your vendors! In a world of lattes, be a cup of tea! While we all strive for the perfect world of Pinterest, it's okay if your details are not the magazine perfect things we've come to be told that we have to have in order for our wedding to be the best it can be. None of us is magazine perfect, not even the models in the magazine.

And if you're worried about your vendors or guests judging you for whatever it is that you feel makes you unique as a couple, just remember that those you selected to witness your vows to each other are those who love you, unconditionally. Most of us will remember how you looked at each other as you said your vows, not your dress or if you had a plated dinner or a buffet or even the flowers you selected. Your guests remember the love felt between you.