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Passion and Persistence

April 29, 2017

In many ways, photography is a thriving art. Everyone has a camera in their pocket. Everyone shares their photos. We've become a social media society, with food photos and selfies taking over Instagram.


In other ways, photography is a dying art. Due to saturation in the market and the easily accessible equipment, so many "professional" photographers go into business for the wrong reasons. You hear all about "well, I have a camera, so why not?" It becomes about the quick buck, and people no longer want to pay for the quality of people with experience.


While you will never hear me tell people not to be new at something, photography is one area that I feel needs some development before getting into business. I cut my teeth, so to speak, on landscape and nature photos in high school. It was required for a course I took. I had to learn how to compose a shot and edit them for a portfolio.


As I continued to develop my skills, I started doing portrait photography, mostly for friends. Now, I'm looking to branch out into other types of photography.


I don't do it lightly, or just on a whim. I do it because I have a passion for my craft. I practice and continue to tweak my style as I figure out what story I want to tell. It's a constant work in progress, and there are always things to learn, but I'm always willing to develop.


There are several things I've learned already in this long journey:

  1. You must have a passion to do something as a full time profession-especially when you're your own boss!

  2. You must be persistant, because starting a business is not easy.

  3. You must constantly pursue new techniques and always be learning.


I'm sure there are many other lessons to come. I look forward to getting to experience everything this new career has in store for me.

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